American Founders Luncheon Series
The Rivers Club, Pittsburgh
One Oxford Centre, 301 Grant Street

Dr. Shawn Ritenour
June 3, 2014American Founders Luncheon
“Economic Freedom in the Early American Tradition: The Economic Thought of the Founders”

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Following the financial meltdown and Great Recession of 2008 the government responded with a variety of subsidies and bailouts. Many Americans were understandably concerned with the divergence of economic welfare between those who work on Wall Street and those dwell on Main Street. Many began to reconsider the virtues of the free enterprise system while some have gone so far as to claim that a free market is un-American. This American Founders Luncheon will examine the economic thought common among early-American intellectuals and statesmen while investigating whether economic freedom is indeed part of the American tradition.
Join us on June 3, 2014, at Pittsburgh’s Rivers Club to hear Dr. Shawn Ritenour, an economist with Grove City College’s world renown economics department, discuss “Economic Freedom in the Early American Tradition: The Economic Thought of the Founders.” To register, please contact Mrs. Brenda Vinton at blvinton@gcc.edu or (724)450.1541. And, please bring a friend. The cost of lunch is $17.76.

shawn-ritenourDr. Shawn Ritenour Professor of Economics Grove City College Shawn Ritenour is a professor of economics at Grove City College, contributor to The Center for Vision & Values, and author of “Foundations of Economics: A Christian View.” He received his Ph.D. in economics from Auburn University. Before coming to Grove City College, Ritenour held the Ruby Letsch-Roderique Chair of Economics at Southwest Baptist University. He contributed to A Noble Calling and Great Austrian Economists, and his work has appeared in The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, The Areopagus Journal, The Wall Street Journal, and many others.