American Founders Luncheon Series
The Rivers Club, Pittsburgh
One Oxford Centre, 301 Grant Street

Dr. Richard Brake
September 13, 2016American Founders Luncheon
“Should The Electoral College Be Abolished?”

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If the Constitution was being drafted today and the question of how to select a president arose it seems plausible that the Electoral College would not be chosen. Not only is the Electoral College complex and complicated it also contradicts the contemporary preference for democracy, that the more democratic a process is, the better. Better instead, critics maintain, to pick our president like we do our other elected officials: one person, one vote. Was the Electoral College a bad idea? Or, is there more to the Electoral College than meets the eye?

Join us on September 13 to hear Dr. Richard Brake of the Institute for Family Studies speak about the pros and cons of one of America’s most unique political institutions: The Electoral College.

To register, please click here or contact Brenda Vinton at blvinton@gcc.edu or (724) 450-1541. And, please bring a friend. The cost of lunch is $17.76.

Brake Standing-2Dr. Richard Brake is the president of the Institute for Family Studies (IFS), a new non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening marriage and family in America through research and public education. Prior to joining IFS, Dr. Brake was the vice-president for education at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Brake holds an undergraduate degree in American history from Georgetown University, and graduate degrees in American politics from the University of Virginia and Temple University, where he taught political science for seven years. Earlier in his career, Dr. Brake worked as a legislative assistant in both the Pennsylvania and U.S. House of Representatives, and in 2006 he retired at the rank of Major after serving 10 years as an Ordnance Officer in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. His commentaries on higher education and the decline of civic literacy have appeared in such media outlets as CNN, C-SPAN, Newsweek, The Washington Times, and several Talk Radio programs, including the Michael Medved and Laura Ingraham shows. He currently resides in the Philadelphia suburbs where he also teaches ancient and American history at Regina Luminis Academy, a new Classical Catholic School in Montgomery County.

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