American Founders Luncheon Series
The Rivers Club, Pittsburgh
One Oxford Centre, 301 Grant Street

Jared Walczak ’08
March 6, 2018 American Founders Luncheon
Taxation and Representation: What the Founders Thought About Tax Policy

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Tax revolts have a storied place in history: opposition to oppressive taxation, real or imagined, has inspired passionate reactions from everyone from Lady Godiva to the Whiskey Rebels. It undergirded the English Civil War; it helped shape the French Revolution; it got Karl Marx arrested; and it helped spark the American Revolution—with the familiar refrain of “no taxation without representation.” The 18th and 21st centuries are radically different and few in the founding generation could have anticipated the economy—or the 3.9 million word tax code—we have today. But do the founders still have something to teach us about the philosophy of taxation? We will examine taxes in the colonies and the early republic, and identify some of the principles the founding generation brought to the subject—principles that are timeless, even if we never again denominate taxes in hogsheads of tobacco.

Jared Walczak ’08 is a senior policy analyst at the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan tax policy research organization. He is the lead researcher on the annual State Business Tax Climate Index, the International Tax Competitiveness Index, and Location Matters (a 50 state model firms analysis). He has authored or coauthored tax reform books on Iowa, Louisiana, and Nevada.

Jared’s work has been cited by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Politico, AP, and many other prominent national and state outlets, and he has testified to elected officials in more than 20 states. He previously served as legislative director to a member of the Senate of Virginia and as political director for a statewide campaign. He has consulted on research and policy development for a number of candidates and elected officials. Jared grew up in rural Western Pennsylvania and attended Grove City College where he studied political science. In his free time, Jared enjoys hiking and has a goal of visiting all 59 national parks.

Join us on March 6, 2018, at Pittsburgh’s Rivers Club to hear Jared Walczak ’08 discuss “Taxation and Representation: What the Founders Thought About Tax Policy.” To register please click here or contact Brenda Vinton at or (724) 450-1541. Please bring a friend. Registration deadline is March 5. The cost of lunch is $25.00.

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