February 3, 2011 | Grove City College
Pew Fine Arts Center | Ketler Auditorium

The Center for Vision & Values is pleased to announce bestselling author, commmentator and syndicated radio talk show host, Dr. Bill Bennett as the featured presenter at the 5th Annual Ronald Reagan Lecture. As a presidential appointee, Bennett served President Reagan as chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities and Secretary of Education. He would return to the White House as President George H.W. Bush’s national “drug czar.”

In the years outside official Washington, Dr. Bennett has used his considerable public profile to become one of the most enthusiastic defenders of President Reagan’s legacy. In a 2008 speech at the Reagan Presidential Library, Bennett celebrated the man he viewed as a once-in-a-generation leader, “I hope for another Ronald Reagan (as president),” he said, “but there won’t ever be another Ronald Reagan.”

Photos Courtesy of Ronald Reagan Library

Five years ago, The Center for Vision & Values inaugurated the first annual Ronald Reagan Lecture featuring author and radio talk show personality, Michael Reagan. Each year, the event has provided extraordinary, eyewitness testimonials to the leadership style and guiding principles of America’s 40th President.

In addition to the president’s son, the Center has been privileged to feature former Attorney General Edwin Meese, CIA senior official Herb Meyer and presidential speechwriter Peter Robinson, the author of Reagan’s “Tear Down This Wall Speech.” Reagan Lecture audiences learn the truth about Reagan’s enduring legacy by interacting with those “in the room” with this transformational leader.